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Die Mündigwerdung ist übrigens auch der Antrieb der beiden wichtigsten Stimulanten von Wohlstandsgesellschaften: des Auf­steigers und des Migranten. Im Ideal ist die Integration in eine fremde Kultur und Gesellschaft eine Art Mündigkeitsmarathon. —Ulf Poschardt, Mündig, (Stuttgart: J. G. Cotta’sche Buchhandlung Nach­folger GmbH, 2020), 10‑11.

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Ed Pilkington, The Guardian: Black members voted for masks, in order to prevent more families losing six loved ones. White members voted against masks, to preserve the fundamental right not to attach a cloth to your face. In a 4-4 tie, … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Times: Beverly Hills is facing criticism after officers arrested 28 people during a peaceful protest against police violence overnight, two weeks after imposing an unusual ordinance banning demonstrations in residential areas that “disrupted the tranquility.” …after protesters marched … Continue reading

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