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First they came for the Muslims

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Bad Acid

Watching Democracy Now’s coverage of Saturday’s Women’s March I have to echo a Guardian article: And when Ashley Judd gave her speech – a mangled, rambling, beat poetry thing, where she amped up her southern accent and likened modern-day micro-aggressions to … Weiterlesen

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American Carnage

From the BBC: „This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,“ President Trump said on the steps of the Capitol. American carnage. President Trump.  

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It is not feasible to treat the American public as if they were intelligence analysts being trained in a classroom to acknowledge and overcome their mindsets. Probably no one has ever won an election in the United States by telling … Weiterlesen

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This afternoon I am wondering what Teilhard de Chardin would think about Donald Trump.

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It’s 2017

It’s 2017, and questioning the recent report on Russia hacking the DNC has in the last couple days gotten me told by an old history teacher friend that I’m taking Trump’s position, told by someone I don’t know on Facebook „if … Weiterlesen

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Stop the Bombing

I am in Vietnam–who will console me? I am terrified of bombs, of cold wet leaves and bamboo splinters in my feet, of a bullet cracking through the trees, across the world, killing me–there is a bullet in my brain, … Weiterlesen

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The American Prism

Hartz noted in the mid-1950s that the distinctive American ethos he described can lead to either messianism or isolationism, with a tendency to oscillate between the two. „An absolute national morality,“ he wrote, „is inspired either to withdraw from ‚alien‘ … Weiterlesen

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