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Site of 7 April 2018 Attack

I’m having dinner where the van hit. It’s an odd feeling. There’s no marker.

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St. Paul’s

Thinking of Clemens August Graf von Galen, T4, the Scholls, courage, silence, complicity. Of this I remain unconvinced.

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Münster Rathaus

Peace of Westphalia signed here as well as Osnabrück.

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The field to the right is where excavations first began thirty years ago and are going on today. The view here is facing west. Hills rise to the left. There is low marshy ground to the right. The German tribes … Continue reading

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Quebec Barracks, Osnabrück

Only a few of the barracks buildings are still standing, as new housing is under construction. The mortars hit in the center left. It’s strange to hear people blithely talk about a hard border and abrogating the Good Friday Agreement. … Continue reading

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Osnabrück Rathaus

The Peace of Westphalia was signed here and in Münster, ending the Thirty Years War and beginning the era of modern states and international law. This seems like the right place to be on the Day of German Unity thirty … Continue reading

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Justizvollzugsanstalt Hannover

Ronald Augustin was imprisoned here.

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