Holding hands against 9mm slugs

It’s not enough to just hold hands of course: it’s important to be silent and look serious as well. It’s the silence which makes this effective.

This is a 9mm handgun. It’s a CZ, a Czech gun. It’s a nice weapon. Being all metal makes it a bit heavier than a Glock or an H&K USP (my favorite handgun). The weight makes it a little more stable meaning you’re a little quicker lining up your next shot. That’s a 9mm case on the right.

This is a handgun competition. If you look at these guys, they are all wearing special belts. Those belts hold holsters, and in the holsters there are guns. Each guy is going to send over a hundred rounds down range during this competition. To keep it safe, we all learn and strictly abide by a few simple rules. One of these rules is, if there are people standing quietly somewhere, you just can’t shoot. People standing quietly and looking serious, especially, means the guns don’t work. Those guns just won’t go off if there are people somewhere who stand in the dark holding hands and looking serious. Anyone who has a handgun knows this simple fact.

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