Fight the power with DiEM25

“We can fight the Establishment [including the capital ‘E’ of ‘the Establishment’, though ‘the’ curiously remains uncapitalized] with 500 euros per month. You know, because if we subscribe to this media service we’ll be allowed to penetrate international media — being allowed to penetrate sounds kind of hot, eh? — and have access to the same tools as the Establishment.”

There is a universe in which this makes sense. It’s a universe where people recommend YouTube videos to each other, “like” and “re-like” Tulsi Gabbard tweets, hold hand-lettered placards which no one seems to notice are misspelled. On the one hand I feel a bit resentful Madeleine L’Engle never told me it would be like this, but on the other hand it’s so strange and wonderful that I feel pretty pleased at being able to have this experience.

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