Gradations of health


Hundreds of actors, journalists and novelists have been holding public readings of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia interference in the 2016 US election and the Trump campaign.

“It’s not entertainment; it’s not Saturday Night Live; people need to read this,” said Brian Faker, a local producer who, along with playwright Carl Sander and actor Sarah Harlett, organized the event. “This is a report about a country that is not dead, and the only way to keep it alive is to kind of keep track of how things are going and read this report.”

In what has been called a “make-or-break moment” for Democrats, Mueller is expected to devote at least three hours to back-to-back hearings in front of the House judiciary and intelligence committees, which could fuel calls for impeachment proceedings to begin.

I’ve long been interested in kind of keeping track of how things are going. I’m curious about the level of robustness claimed here. “A country that is not dead”. Is that the bar thought to be reasonable? How does one buttress or rebut this assertion?

A “make-or-break moment for Democrats”. The American Democratic Party is not already broken? How does one tell? If it is not now broken, what is broken imagined to look like?

Mueller’s testimony “could fuel calls for impeachment proceedings to begin”. Have calls for impeachment not already been fueled? Has the fuel been of insufficient octane? What is Mueller thought to be withholding, what might be the secret silver bullet he is about to reveal? Why has he chosen to cache this weapon until now?

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