KZ Wöbbelin

Nothing whatsoever remains of the camp. The memorial includes shiny slabs with explanatory text on one side, an eyepiece protruding from the other. Squinting through the objective one sees displayed a black and white photograph of the camp. I’d not seen this technique before. The effect is that of immediacy, as one is drawn into the photo, yet distancing, as single black and white photos each seem very much a glimpse into a world that is not this pleasant grove of trees, the static black and white world not 2019. On balance I wasn’t sure what I thought of this.

Here, at the museum in the center of Wöbbelin, and at the memorial in the park in Ludwigslust the 82nd Airborne seemed as much a subject of the installations as dead concentration camp inmates, followed closely in importance by the artists commissioned for the eye-catching pieces.

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