The Movie


Ted Smith, an environmental activist from San Jose, was one of the convention attendees carrying a hand-written impeachment sign.…

He adds that he thinks impeachment will help Democrats win elections because televised congressional hearings will illustrate the damning conclusions of the Mueller report.

“People don’t read the book, they’ve got to see the movie,” he notes.

Binoy Kampmark:

Representative Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), on the other hand, senses a dangerous distraction. Her own special contribution about the Mueller Report is one of continuing Russian influence. (The Kremlin remains oppressively spectral for such figures.) “There is a theme that is throughout this report about how Russia is trying to divide this country. I don’t want to play into Russia’s hands and divide this country more with a partisan impeachment.” Dingell supplies us the perfect psychological portrait of current Democratic thinking, admitting to being “totally schizophrenic right now about all the different things that are in there.” Democrat strategists are bound to confuse this state of mind for constructive debate.

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