As an important centre of trade, commerce, and culture, Grodno was a notable royal city and was also one of the royal residences and political centers of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Old and New Castles were often visited by the Commonwealth monarchs including famous Stephen Báthory of Poland who made a royal residence there. Kings Casimir IV Jagiellon and Stephen Báthory died there. Grodno was one of the places where the Sejms of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth were held, incl. the last Sejm in the history of the Commonwealth in 1793.

Grodno to me has always been the drab place where I was held in custody in a filthy railway station before being deported. I had contacted several tourist agencies in January 2022 with an eye to altering this association, but alas, events of February interfered. Wondering now when I will be able to visit the royal residence.…

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