Was jetzt gilt, ist nicht ausreichend

Die Zeit:


»Wir haben eine hochdramatische Situation«, sagte Angela Merkel laut Teilnehmern im CDU-Bundesvorstand. Was bisher gilt, sei ihrer Einschätzung nach nicht ausreichend.

This is very much what Merkel was saying one year ago, when I was noting that Söder and friends were authoritatively assuring the country the lockdown would definitely, absolutely only be for the month, well maybe six weeks, but in no way would it extend through Weihnachten, well o.k., unfortunately it looks like this will extend through Weihnachten but definitely not beyond … let me assure you of that. Merkel was seen as too cautious, dour, and then a few weeks later all the media were carrying wry stories about how right Merkel had been. As with US media I am coming to find that what is interesting is not so much the content, but the fact that it is this content the media is publishing. The society’s stories about itself are as/more revealing than the substance, or perhaps better put they are a significant part of the substance.

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