In his first sit-down interview since the election, President-elect Joe Biden declared his presidency would not be “a third Obama term” and promised to represent the full spectrum of the country and the Democratic party.

“This is not a third Obama term. We face a totally different world than we faced in the Obama-Biden administration,” Biden answered. “President Trump has changed the landscape.”

Biden expressed his wish to pursue a “progressive” agenda. Asked if he’d consulted with progressive senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on cabinet appointments, the president-elect said “there’s nothing really off the table” when it comes to who he’ll tap to join his administration. But, he said, “taking someone out of the Senate, taking someone out of the House … is a really difficult decision that will have to be made”.

On Wednesday, Biden will deliver a Thanksgiving address, from Wilmington, Delaware, and will “discuss the shared sacrifices Americans are making this holiday season and say that we can and will get through the current crisis together”, according to the transition team.

Biden outlined during a Wilmington press conference his vision for a country “ready to lead the world, not retreat from it”.

He told Holt that he was pleased to have spoken to “over 20 world leaders”, and said, “they are really excited”.

This is all in keeping with Johanna Roth’s point a week ago: Biden continues to sound like someone running for president. There will be important decisions to be made, which will be made sometime in the future. He is bold, brash,  proclaiming that in addition to not being Trump, he is also not Obama. Why is he not Obama? Because of Trump.

Has Biden spoken to Bernie Sanders about Sanders being Secretary of Labor? Well, theoretically – there’s nothing really off the table, but then taking Sanders out of the Senate is a really difficult decision. A decision that will have to be made.

America is ready to lead the world. It will lead the world by getting through this current crisis. Here is leadership which over 20 world leaders have already shown themselves to be really excited about.

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