Birkenwerder Blasenlauf


When I am on my motorcycle, I am free. You see the earth around me? You see that is not Germany. That is desert, the desert of the American Southwest. You see that figure on the mesa? It could be a coyote, it could be a wolf. That coyote is me, my friend. When I am on my bike, it is as if I am a coyote, and I am free, the way they are in the American west.


No one is maintaining it, and lichen is eating into the stone.

UNSEREN HELDEN 1914-1918; Den Opfern von Krieg und Gewalt

I’ve seen these a number of places, and always find them so interesting and sad. I can only imagine what the politics is like around their placement.

I’ve been to Lidice you know. I found it quite moving to see these roses, and this sign, outside the school.

I had not ever seen this before, and boy, I like it so much! This is the plaque behind the roses outside the school. I like this very much.

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