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All the News That’s Fit to Print

New York Times: It’s kind of recognizable that this is the Brandenburg Gate but the photo is taken at a noticeably odd angle (perhaps a viewer will construe this as arty?) so you have no indication how many people were … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania’s Rural Center

New York Times, 03.11.2020: Pennsylvania epitomizes the divisions, loyalties and shifting political currents of the 2020 presidential race. The mostly white battleground state, where four years ago President Trump narrowly became the first Republican to win a presidential contest since … Continue reading

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Neil Postman

Johannes Völz, Die Zeit: “Wir amüsieren uns zu Tode”, hat der amerikanische Medien­wissen­schaftler Neil Postman schon 1985 gewarnt. Angesichts der mittlerweile über 230.000 Corona-Toten in den USA ist dieser Buchtitel noch nicht einmal übertrieben. For years I’ve remarked to people that Boorstin’s … Continue reading

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France 24: The much-anticipated “blue wave” did not wash across the electorate because, among other reasons, it was based on “the idea of a very, very large mobilisation of anti-Trump sentiment, not so much an adhesion to Joe Biden,” explained … Continue reading

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New York Times, November 5, 2020: What caught my eye here was the Live Update on the upper left, which, the day after the election, reports In Georgia, where the race is tightening, 45 percent of voters said they’re doing … Continue reading

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