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A #Lithuanian man and his wife have won the world #wifecarrying title, leaping over timber and wading through waist-high water to beat dozens of other couples for a second year running. The prize is the wife's weight in beer.AP photo/David … Weiterlesen

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Today #Lithuania celebrates her Statehood Day, which is dedicated to the coronation in 1253 of Mindaugas as the King of Lithuania. pic.twitter.com/rQYDE0FWak — Lithuanian MOD (@Lithuanian_MoD) July 6, 2019

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Look what’s happening!

Biden on Russian election interference: "You think that would happen on my watch, on Barack's watch? You can't answer that, but I promise you it wouldn't have. And it didn't." So does this make Biden a Russiagate skeptic now? Welcome … Weiterlesen

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Tommy Weisbecker Haus

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Aaron Maté: While the 448-page Mueller report found no conspiracy between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, it offered voluminous details to support the sweeping conclusion that the Kremlin worked to secure Trump’s victory. The report claims that the interference operation occurred „principally“ … Weiterlesen

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