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Let’s go together

Shall I go off and away to bright Andromeda? Shall I sail my wooden ships to the sea? Or stay in a cage of those in Amerika?? Or shall I be on the knee? Wave goodbye to Amerika Say hello … Continue reading

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Festival of Lights

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Martin Amis, Guardian: “[Trump] realises that there’s no meaningful hypocrisy, any more. People are proud of being dishonest, sharks and vultures; they care as little about marital fidelity as they do about the deficit. This election is going to be … Continue reading

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Media Matters: The wildfire media coverage over the three-day weekend and into Tuesday included horrifying images, footage, and accounts from those on the ground, and awestruck reporters onsite and in studios casting around for language that properly conveys the scope … Continue reading

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Senses, degrees

Guardian: The White House coronavirus taskforce’s most senior public health expert, Anthony Fauci, said on Friday that it would probably take another year before life returns to a sense of “normality” in the US, even if a successful Covid-19 vaccine … Continue reading

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September 11, 1973

11.09.2014: Dad gave me The Execution of Charles Horman for Christmas in 1978, I think. It was a good gift – Mom and Dad always gave well-chosen books – but I remember Dad also talking about his personal motivation in … Continue reading

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Protecting you, protecting me

BBC: Google and Twitter have said they are clamping down further on misinformation online ahead of the US elections. Messaging platforms expect a flood of false claims and misleading posts ahead of the November vote. Twitter said it plans to … Continue reading

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Seeping residue

Sacramento Bee: “We are gonna worship like we’ve never worshiped before, and I declare that after all of this is over tonight, the remnant, the residue of this worship will saturate this ground and seep into that building,” said Sen. … Continue reading

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Guardian: Hundreds of thousands brace for power shutoffs as California fires burn 2m acres Altogether, 721,000 people could be affected by these preventive measures, posing significant risks to the physically vulnerable Wildfires have burned a record 2.3m acres across California, shrouding much of … Continue reading

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Plowshares 8, September 9, 1980

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