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Calais Townhall

The belfry is a UNESCO site. It really is impressive.

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Parc Saint-Pierre

The bunker in Calais’s Parc Saint-Pierre is quite a bit more visible than the complex on Acacialaan in Antwerp. I was lucky enough to get to the Acacialaan museum the one weekend in the month it is open. Here the … Continue reading

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Forteresse de Mimoyecques

Closed for the winter. I will obviously have to come back to Calais next year.

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Batterie Todt

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La Coupole

Why yes, that is an astronaut with La Coupole reflected in his visor. Because … France? My visit already seemed pretty surreal, but this was just the start. The plaque announces that the height of a Saturn V is marked in stages on … Continue reading

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Blockhaus d’Éperlecques

You can make out the lines of the blockhouse through the trees over the corrugated roof center left. The site is closed to visitors for the winter. The tone here, as at La Coupole, is quite different from Dutch sites, … Continue reading

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