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In July 1995, thousands of Muslim men and boys were killed along the “Trail of Life and Death” which stretches from Srebrenica to Tuzla. “How long do you think it will take to gather all the remains from the trail” … Continue reading

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Silence condones

Yet it is also important to realize that genocide and crimes against humanity described are potential acts of any nation. Everyone, wherever she or he may be, should be aware of the evil of which people are capable of perpetrating … Continue reading

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My terror of forgetting is greater than my terror of having too much to remember. —Yosef H. Yerushalmi, Holocaust survivor, in The Graves: Srebrenica and Vukovar, (Berlin: Scalo, 1998), frontispiece.

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Right down to the liberation in 1944 the French milice, a paramilitary body of ‘some 45,000 toughs and fascist fanatics ready to shoot it out with the maquis‘, was busy in arms against resisters, in the name of ‘public order’. … Continue reading

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