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St. Peter’s from Castel Sant’Angelo

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Le due torri

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Unter Thal

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Cultural heritage, brought to you by …

Asian tourists take each other’s photos in front of European cultural icons, the Austrian chancellor, Bavarian politicians at all levels seem quite concerned with protecting their respective cultures from encroachment. How well do we all understand the extent to which … Continue reading

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The Value of Freedom

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This was Alexander I’s position. The cairn was built on the 100th anniversary of the battle.

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Each of these sites is really quite different from the others. Here I stood in line to receive a time-stamped ticket. I now wait 45 minutes to stand in line for my allotted entrance time. For hours this morning I … Continue reading

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Auschwitz II – Birkenau

Dynamited gas chambers and crematoria The ponds are filled with ashes of the murdered.

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Apartment buildings directly across the street – the sign above is in this photo to the right. These are the monuments I am especially drawn to. These men and women chose to fight. When survivors who are interviewed are surprised … Continue reading

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