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Where are Sam and Dean?

Guardian: The Vatican is to hold a training course for priests in exorcism next month amid claims that demands for deliverance from demonic possession have greatly increased across the the world. The Vatican-backed International Association of Exorcists, which represents more than 200 … Weiterlesen

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Good Friday

Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine. Patti Smith Schenkendorfstraße 7. Peter Lorenz was held in the basement. Mariannenplatz. The group on the left is English-speaking tourists listening to a young Englishman with a very strong accent. I went … Weiterlesen

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The Black Obelisk

CounterPunch: Those in the liberal media are consoled by the antics of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart and other comics who use humor to confront the menace of Trump.  I recall the words of the late British … Weiterlesen

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